- ”
Olivier Ker Ourio, a beautiful musician everyone is fighting to get…” – Francis Marmande – Le Monde

- “Regarding French Jazz music, Olivier Ker Ourio is what Jean-Jacques Milteau represents for French Blues music: THE REFERENCE. Mister HARMONICA.” – Bruno Pfeiffer – Libération

- It is easy to understand why so many great musicians insisted to play with him: he breaths with the soul.” – Michel Contat – Télérama

- “In the family of wind instruments, there is a brotherhood of the highly gifted, blessed by the gods. They are musicians whose breath is naturally colored with music. As soon as they put their instrument to their lips – whether it is a saxophone, a trumpet, a flute or a harmonica – the music is there, right away, guileless and inescapable. Like a truth that immediately plunges the listener into a state of weightlessness with the sheer honesty of its inner voice. This lyrical endowment is called charm. Lester Young, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Stan Getz and a few others have succeeded in harnessing this gift, which transforms breath into “something blue that appeared like a wing” (Victor Hugo). Olivier Ker Ourio definitely belongs to this clan of the chosen.” – Pascal Anquetil – Jazzman

“As regards the harmonica, an instrument thought to be easy by the general public, and which can, in fact, be too easily charming, Toots Thielemans has finally found a plausible, even delightful, successor in the person of Olivier Ker Ourio, a melody-maker who fears neither humor nor emotion…” – Télérama – Michel Contat

Olivier Ker Ourio - French SongsOLIVIER KER OURIO – FRENCH SONGS
New album available
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Olivier Ker Ourio - L'Orkès PéïOLIVIER KER OURIO – L’ORKÈS PÉÏ
New live album available
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Album available “PERFECT MATCH” with Emmanuel BEX (organe), Matthieu CHAZARENC (drums) & Nicolas MOUCAZAMBO (percussions) – @ BONSAÏ MUSIC
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